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Teaching Resources

采用专业教材 教学寓学于乐

English is one of the most important subjects in our school. In accordance with the UK Oxford Publisher, Oxford New Magic series, is carefully chosen as our main high-quality teaching materials. The series provide excellent language and literacy resources that facilitate our students to learn diversified real-life English.

Teaching materials: Oxford New Magic English Student textbook + CD
Exercise (Listening and Speaking, Workbook, and Grammar book)


主要教材:牛津新魔法英语学生课本 + 光盘; 练习册(听力,练习,语法)

English Learning Environment

英语课时充足 构建语言环境

An English learning environment is well-established to connect students’ learning to their personal, social and cultural interests and experiences. In addition to the eight/ nine English lessons per week, various English activities are arranged on our English days to stimulate students’ motivation in learning English. Our English curriculum is specially designed to promote students’ all-round English competence in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

我校的英文教学,充分显示了“英文生活化”的特点,重点培养小学生的英文交际能力,激发学习动机。 除每周安排8-9节英文课外,每月均设有英文日,构建英语语言环境,鼓励学生多运用英语沟通及表达。


特色双师课堂 中教外教配合

Majority of the English lessons are taught by qualified foreign teachers from the UK and the US together with the local English teachers. Co-teaching held by both foreign and local English teachers greatly enhance teaching and learning effectively in class. To enhance students’ listening and speaking skills, they are required to communicate with their teachers in English for most of the time.


Weekly Diary

创新周记作业 提升写作才能

To build up students’ writing ability, students are required to write a weekly diary on any topics they like. This regular writing practice aims at promoting students’ interests to share their feelings or ideas in words systematically, as well as stimulating their creativity and logical thinking while constructing their own masterpieces.

学校要求学生每周写一篇周记(Weekly Diary),题材不限,学生可以自由发挥创意,但字数必须要达到老师的要求。周记的写作目的是为了培养学生的观察能力,在搜集写作素材的过程中,逐渐提高学生随笔写作(free writing)能力,学生亦可透过周记与老师分享生活点滴。

Cambridge Examinations

英国剑桥大学考试 丽中指定考点

Cambridge Examination is developed by the Cambridge University Examination Board for children from 6 to 12 years old in non-native English-speaking countries. Examinations are currently held in 55 countries over the world and qualified candidates will be awarded certificates issued by the University of Cambridge English Examination Board. Starting from 2019, Regents Primary School has officially become one of the two recognized examination centers in Shenzhen.




English Penmanship, like Chinese characters, is also a kind of calligraphy that required constant practice. The ancient art of calligraphy has a place in the modern world, as a kind of visual art that is related to writing. Students start practicing print calligraphy from Grade One and from Grade Three onwards, students will learn cursive writing.


Hong Kong Young Writer Award

香港青年作家大赛  努力挑战自我

Participating in various competitions provides an opportunity for students to challenge themselves in different aspects. Among all those competitions, the Hong Kong Young Writers Award (HKYWA) sponsored by a world-renowned sponsoring group, includes both the English writing and cover art competition. Participants of this prestigious competition include well-known international schools in Hong Kong, such as Chinese International School, Harrow International School, King George V International School and Hong Kong American International School. Our students have won many awards in the past many years, including remarkable achievements in the Cover Art and Non-fiction writing competitions.


Choral Speaking


In order to improve students' self-confidence and broaden their horizons, our school provides different opportunities for students to practise their performance and language skills. Choral speaking is the art of using chorus voices to produce a piece of poetry or prose. Through the choral speaking workshops, students can learn the articulation and public speaking skills. Students can express themselves not just through words, but also through facial expressions and body language. Choral speaking also encourages a knowledge and appreciation of English literature within a poetry and prose context. Not only does choral speaking provide essential learning of English vocabulary and structures, it also allows students to learn English as a group where pressure on individuals to perfect English speaking can be eliminated.


Regents Drama Team


The English Drama Team is an outstanding school team in our school. Team members are cautiously selected and are trained by professional English teachers.
Our drama training involves acting and dialoguing which are great ways to enhance students’ performing skills and language skills. During the weekly rehearsals, students are taught some of dramatic explorative strategies (such as narration, role-play and cross-cutting) and link them further to various mediums of drama (such as script, movement, voice and use of props). Students are trained to express themselves not only by words, but also through their facial expressions and body language. At the end of every semester, students will participate in a stage show. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to have the live experience performing on the stage.


Our Teachers


Teacher Ryan Tomlinson
‘Drama is such a fantastic way to allow students to learn vital communication skills, improvisational skills and quick thinking. I’ve been involved in youth theatre programs for 15 years, both as a performer and as a teacher. I studied Film and Theatre at The University of Reading, so it’s not an understatement to say that drama and theatre has been a huge part of my life, and I have a passion to share the skills and benefits of practising drama to as many young minds as I can.’

Teacher Angelina陈蔡娟老师

‘Drama allows students’ understanding of the power of language, as they learn and use the words to tell a story, express themselves, and to convey messages.’
“戏剧让孩子们了解语言的力量, 使他们能够讲故事、表达自己及传达信息。”

Teacher Sara崔佳奇老师

‘Reading script and acting it out can facilitate students’ connection between spoken and written language. ‘

Teacher Abby 陈青苗老师

‘On the stage, students can act out their dramatic fantasies.’